Upshur Street Books places emphasis on making local and emerging writers available to our customers and we think consignment is a valuable tool to accomplish this goal. If you have a book that you would like us to consider for consignment, simply review the requirements and complete the below application!

  1. To be eligible for consignment at Upshur Street Books, an author must be based in, or have a strong connection to, the DMV area.
  2. On any sale of the consigned book, the author will receive 45 percent of the total and Upshur Street Books will receive the remaining 55 percent.
  3. Upshur Street Books will evaluate the sales of the consigned book at the end of each fiscal quarter and decide whether or not to renew the consignment agreement. At that time, Upshur Street Books will calculate the royalties due the author. If the consigned book has earned $20 or more in royalties, Upshur Street Books will send the author a check for the full amount. If the book has earned less than $20 and the consignment agreement is not renewed, the author will receive a store credit in the form of a gift card for the full amount due. If the book has earned less than $20 and the consignment contract is renewed, the amount due will roll over to the next quarter. 
  4. Upshur Street Books is not responsible for losses due to theft, or for any wear and tear on any copies of the consigned book.
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